95kk 95kk ,康熙微服私访记第四部 康熙微服私访记第四部

Altro Walkway 20

Technical summary

Versatile, hard-wearing safety flooring for general purpose areas, easy to install. Shares same color palette as Altro XpressLay, offering coordination with adhesive-free options for a consistent design. Static dissipative option available for manufacturing and tech applications.

  • Type of product:
  • Slip resistance:
  • Thickness:
  • Dimensions:
    6’7” x 65'5 | 2m x 20m
  • Warranty:
    10 years
  • Weight:
    4.79 lbs./yd² | 2.6 kg/m²

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95kk 95kk ,康熙微服私访记第四部 康熙微服私访记第四部

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